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“Take nothing but photographs leave nothing but footprints”

October 12, 2011

Thats what the urbex ‘motto’ has said for years and years.

It’s what I go by and what the majority of others do too. It’s good to look at as anything more without permission is, you guessed it, theft.

Check out what Speed (or ‘Slater’ as he likes to be called) thinks of this motto…

The ‘urbex mantra’ is a load of toss as far as im concerned. Loads of people preach it but no one ive ever met follows it. I try to get as much stuff saved as possible but its not easy. The main things that get in the way are A. The Law B. The Laziness/Indifference of the people who are responsible for these places and C. The size of my house..

You can find it in context on his flickr page here… ‘Barrel Brands’ image

Speed sorry, Slater doesn’t really help himself does he.

Another thing whilst we are on Slaters case, a new thread on ‘’ has resulted in Speed (I’m used to Speed, so will stick to it) trying to clear his name which resulted in me finding the above comment.

Anyway, he goes on to say…

My level of ‘theft’ doesn’t stretch further then pulling an interesting old pop bottle or sweet wrapper from under the seats of a derelict theatre or something along those lines. Theft of litter i guess! What i certainly dont do is go places on some kind of ‘looting spree’ to get things to sell on ebay! Its just fucking stupid. Not only would it get me in jail pretty quick it also makes no sense. Why would i go around posting all these photos on-line proving i was there incriminating myself??

You see the bold bit, I suppose that is true, why would he post places he has been and looted? That would incriminate himself.

Would that be why he HASN’T posted any pictures of his trip to the Hoarders House? Because he doesn’t want any evidence of him being there, even though he has already said he has been (see the hoarders house section of this blog).

For the thread in full on ‘autoshite’ please click the following link: Autoshite Exploring Thread


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